Stardust Memories - The David Bowie Tribute Band

Dulcet, New Port Richey, FL

It is with great privilige to announce the live debut of Stardust Memories: The David Bowie Tribute!

Following their initial one off gig under the Circle Sky banner in 2012, there's been a demand to do more shows. The unforseen and untimely January 2016 passing of one David Robert Jones has further solidified the need to make it happen. As the song goes "Time is waiting in the wings."

Since the beginning of February, things are starting to pick up steam. The band's been hard at work to make sure that this is a top notch show. So, they will be throwing a little party to officially launch the band at Dulcet in beautiful downtown New Port Richey. At this event, the band will be presenting a special one hour showcase to give some of our local friends a taste of what's in store. Fronted by Mark Alan as the David Bowie persona, this powerful 8 piece band will be playing a nice poppouri of Bowie hits, album cuts and personal favourites. You do not want to miss out on this event!

Seating will be at 8:00 PM. Showtime at 9:00 PM. So, please be sure to get your seating early. Admission is free!